Tuesday September 8, 2015, Room CO2

(9:00AM-9:30AM) Registration

(9:30AM-9:40AM) Workshop Opening
Speaker: Judy Kay

(9:40AM-10:40AM) Opening Keynote: A. J. Brush
Keynote Organizers: Miwako Doi and Judy Kay

(10:40AM-11.00AM) Coffee Break: Poster setup for poster session A students

(11:00AM–11:40AM) Poster Session A
Organizers: Hitomi Tsujita and I.E. Yairi
This session gives students the opportunity to receive feedback on their research from the invited mentors as well as their peers. Students are invited to present a poster on their work and discuss it with the other workshop participants. This session will allow for open and informal discussion and allow for additional networking and mentoring. As students will be in the early stages of graduate school, not everyone needs to present and students can present work from a class project.

(11:40 AM – 11:50 AM)  Setup for Poster session B 

(11:50AM–12:30PM) Poster session B
Organizers: Dr. Hitomi Tsujita and Dr. I.E. Yairi
The students who were presenting earlier will swap roles with the second group.

(12:30PM–2:00PM) “Speed Dating” Lunch
To encourage networking among students, the invited speakers and mentors, the workshop lunch will incorporate a “speed dating” aspect. Participants will be asked ahead of time about their interests and then grouped initially at tables based on those interests to give a context for the discussion. Specific discussion questions will be posted on a card at each table to help facilitate conversation. After 30 minutes, they will be requested to switch tables to a new topic so as to meet and converse with more people in the workshop.

(2:00PM-–3:30PM) Career Panel
Organizer: Naomi Yamashita
In this session, mentors, invited speakers, and workshop organizers will serve as a panel to provide information to student participants. Student participants will be encouraged to ask questions regarding career paths and job matters, finishing their PhDs, work/life balance, and acquiring funding, as well as topics pertaining specifically to the challenges and opportunities for females and minorities in computer science.


  • Chair: Dr. Naomi Yamashita, Primary Researcher at NTT Communication Science Labs
  • Dr. Polly Huang, Professor at National Taiwan University
  • Dr. Yoshihiro Kawahara, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo, technical advisor of AgIC, Inc. and SenSprout, Inc.
  • Dr. Koji Yatani, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo
  • Dr. Anind Dey, Associate Professor of Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Dr. Eun Kyoung Choe, Assistant Professor at Penn State University

(3:30PM-4:00PM) Coffee Break

(4:00PM – 5:00PM) Closing Keynote: Tanzeem Choudhury
Keynote Organizers: Miwako Doi and Judy Kay

(7.00PM – 9:00PM) Workshop Dinner
The workshop will be followed by a casual dinner to which all of the workshop participants will be invited. This dinner will allow for further conversation on topics introduced throughout the day as well as general networking and relationship building.

Venue: Cafe Urge.  The cafe is located on the third floor of the conference building. Cafe Urge will provide finger food and one free drink. Participants can order additional drinks and food at their own expense until 21:00.


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